Trova B2

B2 multifunctional tracker

Trova B2

B2 multifunctional tracker

The Trova B2 multifunctional tracker is a locally designed, developed and manufactured portable tracker optimized for low power consumption.
Depending on the mode of operations the B2 can last up to a month of tracking every day.
Once the unit stops detecting movement it goes back into sleep mode which would allow the battery to last for 6 months in this state.
The Trova B2 comes with a built-in SIM chip which cannot be removed and used elsewhere, eliminating the element of tampering or theft.
The two buttons are programmable and can be used for a wide variety of functions such as, panic, check-in or even open gate via it’s built-in short range transmitter.
Should the tracker go out of range of the GSM network, it will record up to 2000 points and then upload them as soon as it moves back into coverage.
  • Non-removable SIM chip
  • GPS + LBS positioning
  • PANIC Button
  • Check in Function
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • 24/48 hours battery life

Trova tracking Platform

Every tracking device comes with access to the Trova tracking platform is a gps tracking platform with a complete set of services designed for remote management, fleet tracking, asset tracking and a diverse set of vertical applications.
As an off-the-shelf turnkey solution, is secure and plays an essential role to enable visibility,simplify management,and optimize the utilization of resources.

What can you do with Trova?

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Track in real time. Everything is accessed over the web and mobile.
Daily Route Maps
View all the driver trips and routes taken on a day.
Live Alert Notifications
Be alerted to just the events you consider important.
Create Geo-fences
Create Go-only and No-Go areas for your devices.
Driver Behavior
Get live over speeding & unnecessary idling notifications.
Wake up & Sleep
Be alerted when the device goes into a sleep or wake up state.

Application Area

Security Guards

School kids

Sales Representatives

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