Monitoring Platforms

Many of the MAMI products come with a monitoring platform, tracking platforms, alarm monitoring platforms and video monitoring platforms. Here you can find all the info on the various monitoring platforms that are used with MAMI products.

Mission Control Mobile

Introducing Mission Control by MAMI. Add all your Mami devices to the App , control and Monitor them from the App. All your MAMI devices in one App.

TROVA Tracking is a gps tracking platform with a complete set of services designed for remote management, fleet tracking, asset tracking and a diverse set of vertical applications.


Track.Africa is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface and is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smartphones and tablets.

Real POC Dispatching Software

MAMI’S Real POC Dispatch Monitoring Platform can integrate key information sources from various connected systems – PoC System, Video Streaming System, and Early Alarm System – into a unified platform

CMSV6 - Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System

CMSv6 is a comprehensive platform that provides network transmission of multimedia information for users to perform real-time remote video monitoring, GPS maps positioning, video storage, vehicle scheduling, etc.

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