Video Products

We have video products that can be viewed and monitored on your cellphone. They can be used for home/business monitoring or parking lots. There are also cameras available that can take photo’s or video’s in case of an incident.

Vericam 3

Monitor your home and assets wherever there is WiFi or 3G, by inserting a SIM card.

Monitor your home and assets wherever there is WiFi.  You can view the Vericam from anywhere.

Vericam 6

You can strategically place the Vericam 6 outdoor security camera almost anywhere.

Vericam 6

TrovaCam 2

Monitor your vehicles, inside and out with the TrovaCAM2. Enabled with Tracking and much more.

TrovaCam 4

The TrovaCAM4 helps you monitor your vehicles with ease with recordings on 4 channels.

Trova PTS 28

The PTS 28 is a compact, rugged and waterproof 4G walkie talkie with tracking and video.