Jamming Detection

MAMI Jamming detection system

Jamming Detection

MAMI Jamming detection system

Jamming is an interfering signal which disables / blocks a wireless signal. Typically the signal that is blocked is the locking/closing of a vehicle, garage or automated gate.
Wireless alarm sensors and alarm remote controls may also be jammed / blocked disabling their functionality.
MAMI’s jamming detection unit and system provide security operators and home owners the tools to be notified if jamming has been detected.
In the case of a shopping center parking lot, the area in which jamming occurred can be transmitted to the local control room for fast reaction
  • Multiple jamming detection frequencies
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Up to 100m detection range
  • 2 local outputs (Siren & Buzzer)
  • Mains fail and battery low reporting
  • SMS functionality direct to cellular phone


In addition to sounding a buzzer or siren in the area of detection, the alarm condition may be forwarded to the local control room indicating the area where it was detected.
When the signal is received on the basestation, the control room has the possibility to either display the alarm on a mimic panel, print the event on a serial printer or display on MAMI’s control room monitoring software.
The mimic output from the basestation can also be used to trigger an alarm in a CCTV system to make the video easy to find.
Communication to the control room can either be done by:
  • UHF Low power Licesnce free frequency
  • VHF High power Licenced frequency


Application Area

Shopping Malls

Strip Malls

Fast Food Restaurants

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