Guard Route Supervision

The guard will be given a B2 tracking device which is connected with the Trova Monitoring software. The B2 has 2 buttons on the device, 1 to PANIC and the other to mark and update his position.
The guard will be given/shown his route by his supervisor and when he gets to each point he must push button 2 and it will mark and update his position on the live map.
You can pull a report everyday of all the guards routes that he needs to patrol, if you see points are missing then that means the guard did not walk his full route.
There are a few other functions built in to the device such as , sleep, wake up, no movement, geo fences and more.
You can set GO and No GO areas on the software for your site, that way you can control where and when the guard must patrol his route.
Not only is this a guard route supervision system but also a full blown tracking system.

Rugged Device

The B2 is a rugged tracking device used for the GRS system. The B2 comes with 2 buttons, 1 for PANIC and 1 to update his position

Geo Fences

Set geo fences with GO or NO GO areas on your site barring the guard from going were he shouldn’t 


Live View

Monitor and track the guard  live from the software panel at anytime day or night

Sleep Notifications

Get notifications of when the device goes to sleep or wakes up. There is even a no movement notification


Application Areas

Estates & Complexes

Bushveld Resorts

Shopping Malls

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