M6 Alarm System

Compact feature packed alarm panel

M6 Alarm System

Compact feature packed alarm panel

The M6 alarm system is MAMI’s hottest selling Alarm Panel with:
6 hardwire EOL zones
6 supervised wireless zones
6 two-wire SPI perimeter zones
The M6 is compatible with MAMI’s extensive range of wireless detectors. These range from:
Smoke detectors
Indoor detectors
Dual technology outdoor detectors
Door sensors
Wireless strip beams
The M6 can be used with or without a keypad as the arming and disarming can be solely controlled by remote control
  • 6 Wired & 6 Wireless Zones
  • Extensive lightning protection on inputs
  • 3A Siren Relay output
  • Perimeter Zones
  • Plug-In Connectors

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Application Area

Town House Complex

Office Parks

Residential Estates

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