Trova T1

T1 Multifunctional Mini Tracker

Trova T1

T1 Mini Multifunctional Tracker

The Trova T1 is 4G, GNSS portable tracker allowing for two-way voice communication. The robust IP rated casing is IP54 rate and is easily charged the magnet charger port. The T1 has extensive mode settings to cater for every application to get maximum battery life.
In addition to GNSS location outdoors, the T1 has built in wifi and Bluetooth allowing for smart location indoors. The Wifi/BLE also enables smart modes so that battery is not consumed by GPS and 4G when the device is in a smart zone.
An additional button on the side has a custom function that can be used for various situations, such as marking of point of interest.
The device is fully programmable by SMS or platform commands.
  • Fast magnetic charge
  • Non-removable SIM chip
  • 4G/GPS/Wifi positioning
  • PANIC Button
  • Pin-point accuracy
  • Internal GSM and GPS antennas
  • Smart battery life
  • Listen-in functionality with microphone

What can you do with Trova?

Real-Time GPS Tracking
Track in real time. Everything is accessed over the web and mobile.
Daily Route Maps
View journey reports and see routes taken on a day.
Live Alert Notifications
Be alerted to just the events you consider important.
Create Geo-fences
Create Go-only and No-Go areas for your devices.
Pin-point Accuracy
Get live notifications should the device leave coverage areas.
Wake up & Sleep
Be alerted when the device goes into a sleep or wake up state.

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