Personal and Asset Tracking

MAMI’s tracking products cover almost any tracking needs. From guards to kids to pets, we have it. All our servers are locally hosted and keep tracking data for up to 12 months. All products have built-in SMS and/or email notification

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Trova B2

Ultra low power, multi functional two-button tracker and transmitter

Multifunctional tracker with built-in receiver and transmitter

Trova A8

Simple, Compact, entry level, cost effective tracker for vehicles

Trova LPC

Car cigarette lighter style USB car charger

Trova Q2

Compact, personal tracker with built-in PANIC button

Trova A6

Vehicle tracker with 2 inputs & relay outputs. Fuel cut off

Trova M1

Waterproof covert magnetic tracker with voice listen in

Trova AT4

Portable magnetic asset GPS Tracker

Trova OBD

The trova OBD (On Board Diagnostic) Tracker, Plug and play

Trova AT6

Portable magnetic asset GPS Tracker