Trova PTS 28 - (Walkie Talkie)

2 Way 4G Radio 

Trova PTS 28

2 Way 4G Radio – Walkie Talkie

PTS 28 walkie talkie is perfect for field workers, colleague and security officers to stay in touch.
Utilizing the latest technology, the PTS 28 is a compact, rugged and waterproof PTS phone powered by easy-to-use dispatching platform.
Built with standard cellular GSM/4G network, it can be used anywhere there’s a mobile phone signal. Intelligent Push-to-Talk over 4G.
This means if you have diverse or dispensed workers, who work in a noisy environment and need real-time data or clear voice capability, the device over 4G/3G/GSM will be able to communicate instantly without boundaries to work more efficiently.
  • Dual Cameras
  • Wifi/Bluetooth
  • Built-In Tracking
  • Push to talk/see
  • Video monitoring
  • Panic/SOS button

PTS Software

Application Area

Security Guards

Walkie talkie

Logistics Companies

Field Workers

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