Wireless CCTV

MAMI has the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a wireless CCTV system that does not require a DVR or NVR. This CCTV system is monitored entirely through your phone.
The Future of CCTV: Your Vericam 3 will act as your router to connect all your cameras to.
Control: You can login to your CCTV system at any time from anywhere and make sure all is in order. As long as your cameras have a connection they will work.
Up to 16 cameras can be added to one account. With a variety between the Vericam 2 and the Vericam 4.


All cameras are wireless so no hassling with cable when installing


Monitor your cameras from a computer or the mobile app


Multiple Cameras

Up to 16 cameras on one account

Network Extension

Sim card in Vericam 3 acts as router


Application Areas

Residential Homes


Residential Estates

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