Wireless Evacuation

MAMI’s versatile Evacuation system gives you the ability to signal evacuations in all or individual areas in a 3km radius. Each outstation is addressable either by their system address or by collective group address.
Each outstation is equipped with a bi-directional transceiver allowing communication back to a control room confirming receipt of an evacuation command. The outstations also periodically check-in to the base station so that their status’ can be monitored. Should any outstation fail to check in, an immediate alert is created and displayed.
Activation is controlled via a keypad where the system or group address is entered, followed by the type of code to be sent. Two different outputs on the outstation can be activated for example, activation of a siren and control of fire breakout counter-measures
If radio communication is not possible the system can work over GSM/GPRS instead.
Other Applications:
Remote geyser control in lodges and hotels
Remote activation/deactivation of lights

Keypad Control

Sending of signals is password protected and initiated from a keypad

PANIC & Fire

Glass break, panic and fire panel signals sent to control room


Evacuate Multiple Areas

Control individual areas, groups or all evacuation points with the keypad

Evacuation Confirmation

Confirm that each evacuation point has received the signal


Application Areas


Shopping Malls


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