Wireless Nurse Call/Panic Systems

A locally monitored distress signal for use in nursing homes, hospitals and retirement facilities.
Buttons may be Fixed or portable and may be customized to the required application; panic, service call, acknowledge/reset.
The notification will be received continuously until acknowledged/reset.
The receiving station identifies the caller and the event.
Multiple receiving stations may be added
Optional light above door/room activation
A long range remote control transmitting up to 500m depending on terrain. This portable AM transmitter is a similar size to a normal gate remote control and can be easily worn around the neck. The remote control is ideally suited for Retirement and Frail Care Centers where daily assistance is essential. This remote control is only for in-frequent use, such as, panic button or emergency calling.
Can be monitored by Base Station with Monitoring Software
Range may be extended with use of Repeaters

Completely Wireless System

No more wires, Installation is a breeze

Reminder Until reset

Nurses are reminded until they attend the call and reset


Great Wireless Range

Our wireless range of UHF products boast to be one of the best on the market

Application Areas


Bushveld Resorts

Shopping Malls

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