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Detectors and Sensors

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cRED Passive Infrared Detector

The cRed is a pet friendly dual detection infrared detector with a lifetime guarantee that may be installed on any alarm panel

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Ilbino Infrared Beam

Single infrared beam with a range up to 25m mainly used for automated gates to prevent accidental closure

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M-BIG - Multi Barrier Infrared Grid

The 6 or 10 digital barrier beams are the ultimate in perimeter protection and can be connected to any alarm panel.

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PBX Dual 100m Infrared Barrier Beam

The dual infrared beams are an effective long range perimeter protection and can be connected to any alarm panel

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Door Guard II Wireless Door Contact

Supervised Wireless Door Magnet Intrusion Detector with a range of up to 200m to receiver

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cRED Wireless Infrared Movement detector

The cRed wireless is a pet friendly infrared detector with a transmission range of over 200m. May be used on any alarm panel!

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Wireless Smoke Detector

Photo-electric smoke detector which detects all types of smoke, designed to alert the presence of smoke

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TX Link trigger module

MAMI's general purpose transmitter that can convert any wired detector or sensor to wireless

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Interface Receiver

Interface receiver that can be used to connect wireless detectors to any alarm panel.

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