Multi Barrier Infrared Grid


Multi Barrier Infrared Grid

Is a multiple barrier beam comprising an infrared sender and receiver with 6 or 10 active beams.
Synchronization is done through a Sync wire or done through the optic beams on the RX and TX.
Rx & TX on both sides which gives the beams sun immunity cause less false alarms.
Alarm activation based on either Dual beam activation, reducing false alarms.
Not being able to be cloaked or masked forming an invisible wall rises the level of security.
Optional wireless operation with 500m range using localized solar power pack and wireless reporting and control.
  • Up to 100 Meters
  • Dual Beam Activation
  • 6 Beam & 10 Beam available
  • Connects to any Alarm Panel
  • Sun Immunity RX & TX on each side
  • IP54 Protected from water spray

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Application Area

Residential Estates

Storage Units

Farms & Small Holdings

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