Gismo 4

GSM/GPRS communicator

Gismo 4

GSM/GPRS communicator

The GiSMo is a feature packed GSM/GPRS unit with a multitude of functions.
The 2 or 4 inputs that monitor can report high, low, trigger and non restoral conditions to 10 numbers.
The action to perform for each input can be SMS, Call, or activate one of the relays.
The GiSMo has a memory capacity for 2000 units and numbers for missed call function.
The missed call functionality can be programmed for time access as well as call times.
Once the number exceeds its programmed count, the number is automatically deleted.
Add on the audio module and keypad to convert the GiSMo into a fully functional GSM intercom.
With online logging and reporting.
  • Missed call function
  • 2000 Numbers
  • SMS Input notification
  • Airtime check & Recharge
  • 3 Inputs & 2 Outputs

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Application Area

Fire Panel Monitoring

Electric Fences

PANIC system Monitoring

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