TRX 44


TRX 44 Transceiver

The TRX 44 is a bidirectional system which mimics the inputs of one TRX 44 on another paired TRX44. The TRX 44 system operates on License Free UHF ISM bands and can cover distances up to 3km.
Should communication be lost between the two points and an activation command lost, the system will beacon every 1 minute, setting the paired unit to the correct status.
The TRX 44 has 4 x 8A Normally Open relays, it can house up to 2 x 7A/h batteries.
The unit has a built-in switchmode power supply and can be powered by external solar panel or via 220V ac from a mains supply.
  • 4 x 8A 220V relays
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Super fast transmission, less than a 10th of a second!
  • IP65 rating
  • Lockable Metal housing
  • Powder epoxy coated steel enclosure

Application Area

Shopping Malls


Residential Estates

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