GSM Intercom i500

4 Button/400 User Intercom

GSM Intercom i500

4 Button/400 User Intercom

The GSM INTERCOM Bpt i500 is typically mounted at the gate of complexes, flats or outside your house. The GSM INTERCOM Bpt i500 gives you the ability to answer the intercom and open your gate from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.
No need to maintain wires to each apartment or house as in typical intercom installations!
 Missed call feature to open gate (no cost to open gate)
 Open gate from keypad while on phone call
Automatic hangup
Up to 400 telephone numbers
4 button version available
Prepaid operation, retrieve and add airtime via SMS
Full management via USB (computer) or SMS (remotely)
Robust BPT rubberized splash proof keypad design
Auto-answer on call


The smaller, less bulky gate-station unit may be installed up to 30m from the main GSM unit.
This means that the GSM unit and the SIM card are installed on the inside of the premises. Thus the least expensive part of the system is exposed to public in case of vandalism or theft.
Many applications use the GSM intercom in a guardhouse where it is preferred that the guard calls the resident.
The intercom may now be used with a handset instead of the gate-station unit.
Doing so eliminates echo and noise occurring inside small guardhouses.
In such an application a four-button handset can be used to replace the 4 button gate-station unit should a 400 user keypad not be needed.
Access control: All gate-station units have incorporated access control functionality.
Four pass codes may be programmed to trigger the associated relays for various operations (e.g. pedestrian, light, etc)
Auto answer: In the case of a guardhouse, often residents wish to call the guard. In such a case the unit can be programmed to automatically answer the call.


4 numbers may be dialed by pressing the corresponding call button. Up to 400 numbers may be added for missed-call gate-opening function. The 4 Button and 400 User Keypad units can be used on the same system.
  • Missed call function
  • 4 Or 400 Users
  • Full Management via USB/SMS
  • Airtime check & Recharge
  • Auto Answer on Call
  • Automatic Hangup

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