Rugged cast aluminium access controller


Rugged cast aluminium access controller

The Keypro is an indoor, robust, metal housed access control keypad usually used to control access through a door or gate. Simply enter one of the 2000 programmed codes to trigger the output relays.
The relays may be programmed individually for each of the 99 user codes for:
The Keypro has two 3A relays which may be configured in NO or NC.
Pin numbers may be programmed for single, multiple or infinite access times. Once used up the PIN is erased off the KeyPro and can no longer be used
  • 2000 Users
  • Backlit Keys
  • RFID Reader
  • Built-In Doorbell
  • Wrong code lock-out
  • 2 Built-In relays

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Application Area

Town House Complex

Office Parks

Residential Estates

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