Long Range VHF transmitters

4/8 Channel VHF Transmitters

4/8 Channel VHF Transmitters

Long Range Radios – VHF transmitters

M.A.M.I. VHF radio transmitters, Long range radios are mainly used for alarm panel monitoring and are cable of sending signals up to 40km depending on terrain, this distance can be extended with the use of Repeaters.
The signal is typically received on a base station located in a control room connected to alarm monitoring software
The VHF long range radios product range has the following models
4 channel 15Watt
8 channel 15Watt
Contact ID 15Watt
Applications include: Transmission of alarms (e.g. burglar, fire, house, fence, sub stations, mining, etc)

Due to the high power output of the transmitters they are unlikely to be jammed!

  • Programmable check-in time
  • Licensable Frequency
  • Positive or negative input triggers
  • Ultra-low power mode
  • Alarm and restore conditions on all inputs
  • Single or delayed input detection

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